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At Franklin Landscape & Design, our commitment to providing quality service and outcomes remains our priority and foremost, which is why we choose to take on limited projects at any one time to ensure we maintain the highest level of professionalism across all projects no matter the size. 


We understand that every project is unique, which is why we are well placed to make your dream a reality whether it’s building a Franklin design or from one that you bring us. 


Our experienced team of quality Landscape Architects, Designers and Contractors are dedicated to quality workmanship and delivering on time and on budget. As the winner of several industry awards for landscape construction, we at Franklin Landscape & Design are able to create an inspiring lifestyle space that complements your home, while adding considerably to its value and aesthetic. Our extensive list of outdoor design and construction services means we can simplify the whole site management during your project including minimising the number of tradesmen on-site, reducing the disruption to your life while we get on and build your dream lifestyle for you.


Franklin Landscape & Design are sensitive to environmental concerns and utilise the latest sustainable design solutions and technologies to reduce waste and environmental impact saving clients money, without compromise to the aesthetic or functionality of the space.

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Construction Work.

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