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Dave Franklin, Director of the Franklin Group, launched Franklin Pools Australia in 2016. It began as a passion for designing landscapes with pools; now Franklin Pools Australia is one of Australia’s premier design and pool build companies.
With more than 25 years of experience in designing and constructing beautiful landscapes, multi-award-winning Landscaper and Director of Franklin Pools Australia Pty Ltd, Dave Franklin knows a thing or two about pools. 
Our goal is to construct a quality luxury pool design to suit your lifestyle and budget. From developing your vision in our Design Studio to managing your project including permits and construction we’ll take the stress out of building and achieving your dream.

Franklin Pools Australia is registered with the Victorian Building Authority, CDB-L 49591, licensed to build structural landscaping and swimming pools and spas.

Our Pool Design & Construction Process.

01 Design Consultation 

We initiate the pool design process with an on-site consultation to discuss your ideas and your ultimate pool goals. We ask questions such as – How do you envisage the pool being used? How would you like your poolscape to look? What are your stylistic preferences?  After the consultation, we will provide you with a fee proposal for our pool design service.

02 Concept

Once you engage our team of experienced Designers and Landscape Architects, we work with you to develop a pool design specific to your lifestyle and your residence. The final design can be used independently for a pool build only, or in conjunction with our landscape design and construction services.

03 Presentation

The finalised pool plans will be provided to you in both paper copy and digital forms. The plans include:


  • A scaled concept plan, including pool layout with annotations

  • Planting plan including a suggested plant palette

  • Suggested materials palette

  • Elevation drawings


We can then proceed to provide you with a construction quote of the pool alone, or with an associated landscape plan if required. All items in the design will be priced separately to provide you with an easy to understand pool construction quote.

04 Construction

If you would like to proceed with us to construction after we have completed your pool design, we’ll manage your project on your behalf to take the stress out of your build. 


  • Building Contract: we’ll arrange your building contract.

  • Building Permit: we’ll organise a building permit on your behalf and act as an agent on your behalf and see the building permit process through. This can take a minimum of four weeks but varies for each project.

Only once the building permit is secured can the pool dig can begin. Once building does commence, rest assured that Franklin Pools Australia is a registered building company and a member of Master Builders and SPASA. It’s our mission to present you with an amazing pool to suit your lifestyle and make your dream pool a reality.

Our Pool Design & Construction Work.

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Contact Us
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