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5 Must-Have Pool Designs This Summer! The Block Pools Revealed.

As many of you know, we just can't get enough of The Block and have now been involved in a number of seasons. However, what some of you may not know is that The Block helped shape us into the business we are today, with the initial launch of Franklin Pools Australia first appearing on The Block in 2016. Now back for another season bigger than ever in 2020, our team at Franklin Pools Australia worked with not just 1, but the pools for all 5 houses!

We worked closely with each team to transform their pool zone visions into a reality ready for backyard week. While the COVID-19 lockdown forced the contestants home, we continued working behind the scenes to finish the base of the amazing pools you saw in the backyard reveals this season.

Harry & Tash House 1: 1920s.

As The Block follows tight deadlines and small budgets not all spaces are completed to the initial design, which was the case for Harry and Tash's pool design in House 1. However, while Harry and Tash may not have executed their dream design as initially planned, their finished space came together with the bigger aspects of the design, such as the beautiful icy blue courtyard plunge pool and minimalist style planters and tiling. This outdoor space follows with the overall design of the house and completes the entertainment package they offer throughout the three spaces in their outdoor setting.

Pool specifications and materials.

George & Sarah House 2: 1940s.

Sarah and George's brief was to create a family-friendly, functional, entertaining space with an inviting swimming pool. The final design for their pool zone incorporated monochrome influence from other areas of House 2, while drawing upon the coastal style that Brighton is notorious for. But what was truly innovative about House 2 was that their pool included a swim jet and was the only house to use Mineral Swim, which is a new alternative to pool chemicals such as chlorine.

Pool specifications and materials.

Daniel & Jade House 3: 1930s.

Designed to compliment the 1930s styling of the house, the build for Daniel and Jade's pool began with the installation of Mos Teal Green Mosaics (304x304mm) tiles from Beaumont Tiles. The unique green tiling of the pool couples with the cool hues of the decking and outdoor furniture to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The cosy nook style daybed offers a tranquil oasis surrounded by custom cushions and artwork, with extra storage under the seat for functionality and practicality.

Pool specifications and materials.

Luke & Jasmin House 4: 1910s

The design brief for Luke and Jasmin's House 4 was to continue their theme of simple, sophisticated and tranquil into the pool space. This saw the pool zone be transformed into a Queenslander resort-style area with a larger tile in the pool, as well as maintaining overall practicality and functionality of the outdoor space.

With the poolside bar and fridge, covered cabana, feature Queenslander inspired arches, artesian tiles and lush tropical plantings all working together harmoniously, why wouldn’t you just want to laze by this stunning oasis?

Pool specifications and materials.

Jimmy & Tam House 5: 1950s.

Jimmy and Tam’s vision was to create a functional space with plenty of room for lounging and playing, using their 4-year-old daughter Frankie for inspiration. The goal was to also tie in the 1950s aesthetic while creating a sense of luxury and lounging beside a pool like they would in the 50’s. Extending the pool fence closer towards the house allowed for the extra space needed for the sun lounges to be located within the pool area. This space also featured a custom made tiled wall from Graffico sourced from Italy.

Pool specifications and materials.


It was amazing to see what each team was able to accomplish in such a short period of time and under some unideal circumstances one, of course, being COVID-19. Congratulations to Jimmy and Tam for winning this season on The Block and well done to all the contestants on their beautiful homes!

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