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Tennyson Street, Brighton.

"Granite cobbles combine with classic design elements to set off this stately Melbourne home.

An imposing residence such as this deserved a garden of equal grandeur. To match the architecture of the house, the landscape was to be classic formal French style and only the best-quality materials would do.

The house was built using premium-quality materials so it was important we maintained an extremely high standard of product throughout the landscape and ensured a sympathetic balance between hard and soft surfaces,” explains Dave Franklin of Franklin Landscape & Design.

Front to back there is a cornucopia of design treats to savour, beginning with the classical fountain and raised circular pond placed in direct alignment with the front door. The planting, which is arranged in a formal fashion, is special too. Many mature plants were used to create an established look and soften the extensive areas of paving. Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’, a compact-growing magnolia with scented creamy-white summer and autumn flowers..."


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